The World of Lambic

It all started with the process that led to the production of cereal and one tradition oriented family.

While most like their cereal with milk, this family has spiced up your typical go-to breakfast meal with producing something different but from the same process: beer.

This Belgian family owned brewery is home to the traditional lambic beer that took on the alcoholic fermentation process, taking after your daily breakfast dose of cereal.

Starting from scratch, the process of producing lambic beer formed into it’s own craftsmanship.

Like most stories now a-days they begin with two people falling in love but this story takes us back to 1900 when one man took a chance to open a brewery in Anderlecht, now Brussels, in honor of his family name.

Over a century later, this tucked-away, hole-in-the wall building is still up and running with people coming from all over to taste this masterpiece. The second someone walks into the brewery, you immediately try to imagine what it looked like in its hay-day. Soft lighting and friendly faces give you that homey feeling as you walk further into the brewery where the fermentation takes place.

One current employee found the family-like dynamic and familiar feeling as a reason to stay in this beloved city after pursuing an internship at the brewery following her master’s program.

“My favorite thing about Cantillon is all the people who make Cantillon a treasure. The Van Roy family is so genuinely kind and committed to their philosophy that every day I wake up and go to work I feel incredibly, unbelievably, fantastically lucky to be a part of all of it,” said Danielle French

Walking through the barn-like wooden double doors, the aroma is old but sweet. One look around and the history is there. Tours are being held, beer is being tasted and memories are being created all within these walls of Cantillon.


French says the atmosphere is very familiar and “for those of us employees who aren’t part of the family, we’re treated like family anyway.”

Keeping the family feel incorporated in the process, each step is meticulously hand crafted and carefully thought out adding a little TLC to the mix. This is the bond that holds families together: the beer.

“It’s something special to experience the atmosphere around the people who makes a beer in the most natural way. I appreciate that they’ve kept the family aspect embedded into the brewery after all these years”, said Andrew Sky, a visitor of the brewery.

Passed down for many generations, Cantillon Brewery produces the only beer in the world that continues to be produced by natural fermentation. This means natural ambient yeast that was floating in the air would settle into the wort (unfermented sugar liquid) and spark fermentation.

Taking all components into consideration, Cantillon brews 55 times in the winter, which is their maximum amount. There is limited space and time since it is all dependent upon the climate.

Lambic brewers only brew during the cold months of late fall, winter, and early spring. This is the time when the best mix of wild yeast is active and more dangerous bacteria are inactive.

“Each time we brew, the miracle starts again,” said Georgette Callebaut, a tour guide at Cantillon. They call this the mother of all beers as well as the “most mysterious beer”.

Once it reaches a certain temperature, “at that time of the night the miracle happens,” Callebaut says.

However, this process isn’t one for impatient people. Taking up to three and a half years to fully ferment in the barrel, one better be capable of putting their thirst aside for a little and quenching it with something else in the meantime.

In Belgium, 77 percent of businesses are family owned which accounts for one third of gross domestic product. Cantillon fits into that demographic and has carried on the family aspect ever since.

“They’re not just interested in making a great beer, they’re just as interested in giving back and making the brewery work for their community,” French said.








Multiple Flash


Kate Andrea gets the crowd excited for the MU improv performance Wednesday night at Memorial Union. Andrea is one of a few females on the team and says, “there’s nothing I love more than making people laugh and have a good time. Who says boys have to be the only ones to do that!” As a sophomore on the team, she will continue to practice and perform until she graduates.

Shauna Yates

March 14, 2018

Multiple Flash


There were a couple of problems with this assignment in terms of getting people to confirm Jacob and I coming to photograph certain events. The ballet class that we were originally going to do cancelled last minute, which resulted in us struggling to find something to do. The only thing that was going on Wednesday night was MU improv at Memorial Union.

We tried our best to set up the flashes where it would reflect onto the performers. We placed one on the windowsill that was pointing at the performers and then other was on the camera pointing upwards to make it less harsh of lighting on the performers. For what we were dealing with and with the circumstances we were in, I think we did a pretty decent job. Personally I would still like to improve more and get more practice with flash, as it seems to be a little difficult for me.

Hopefully as the semester continues I will be able to bring my grade up and like my work more!




Danielle Hrding works at Acme as a t-shirt deisgner and sales associate. “I’m going into environmental design in the architecture school at Mizzou and love being able to design my own shirts here. It’s a fun side job to have that let’s me explore my creative side,” Hrding said.


Shauna Yates

March 7, 2018



This assignment was pretty fun to do. I made myself step out of my “circle” and walk around downtown to see what images I could get and what people I could talk to. It really does make a difference when you branch out for these assignments and get out of your comfort zone.

When it comes to lighting and all that it entails, I find that I am a slow learner and need more time to understand the technical side of it. I started researching more and asking more questions in lab to fully understand what each assignment is going to be like before I start shooting. I knew for subtractive that the subject was supposed to be brighter than the background, or ambient light. I tried a lot of different setting first and changed my single flash to make sure my subject wasn’t also becoming part of the background. There were a couple times that I went past my fastest shutter speed and had that thick black line at the bottom of my photo. Why does that happen? I ended up sticking around 200/250 for my shutter speed and making my flash a little more powerful in the end to light my subject more. Overall I think I’m slowly, but surely, understanding more about how lighting actually works and have a better knowledge of each assignment.


20180228_fb_YatesS_014 copy

While most try to stay out of the kitchen, sorority chef Stanley Lewis uses his food to bring people together. ” Lewis has been with this organization for 30 years and has been in a kitchen ever since he was washing dishes at his first job. “I was nervous when I first started cooking but I knew I could at least handle pancakes,” Lewis said.

Shauna Yates

February 28, 2018



I’m starting to get the hang of using a single flash and am finally starting to understand how it works. I had been having some difficulty with my assignments prior to this because I didn’t really understand what I needed to change in terms of if it was a setting on my camera or my flash. But after learning a little bit more and asking more questions in lab, I think I have figured it out more. For this assignment I knew shooting something inside would be best and I would be able to do a better job with that. It took a couple tries for me to match the lighting that was in this kitchen. I kept changing the settings on my flash once I thought I had the correct settings on my camera. I think overall I understood the concept of fill/balance and will keep practicing to master it.

Moving forward I hope to continue to get myself out there and take more photos. There’s no other way to get better other than just keep doing it!


Color Correction


Taking her passion to a new level, Liv Woosley adds a new instrument to her list of talents. “There’s something about string instruments that have such a different feel to them. It’s different than playing an instrument in the Marching Band with a group of people counting on you. This way I get to play at my own pace and on my own.”


Shauna Yates

February 21, 2018

Color Correction


After having an assignment on single flash, I thought adding the color correction gels would be easier but I still found myself struggling to fully understand what I was trying to fix. It was difficult for me to try and know what I was really doing with the gels and think I definitely need some more practice and to do some research on my own. This took place in the Chapel near Memorial Union and the second I walked in I knew this would be a hard lighting situation. I tried a couple different gels before I found one that I thought looked right. I tried my best with what I had to work with and hopefully will be able to practice more with color gels and color correction.

I really want to improve my grade in this class and work harder to do that. It’s easy for me to put things off to the last minute and know that I need to take more time for these assignments and really ask questions in lab to make sure that I am prepared for the next assignment. I had never used a single flash before this class but know that I will be able to master it by the end of the semester!




Single Flash

The Big Tree is a famous landmark in Columbia, Mo. that is approximately 350 years old. It is the largest bur oak tree in Missouri that is located near McBaine in Boone County. Its secluded location makes it a known place to go and relax at.
Katherine Fraley is a junior at Mizzou who has been coming to The Big Tree since her freshman year. Fraley is from Bangboo, China and was adopted in 1998 after she was left at a train station. She says, “going to The Big Tree is where I go to escape from everything. When I start to wonder what my life would have been like, it reminds me of the life that I have been gratefully given and makes me appreciate my family even more. I love taking drives so when I found this freshman year, I never stopped coming.”

Shauna Yates

February 13, 2018

Single Flash


Once I got the hang of how to use the single flash, it became a little more enjoyable for me to do this project. For me, it has been difficult to learn how to use a single flash and everything that comes with knowing how to use it correctly, but I have loved learning about it. Even when I was shooting my project I still wasn’t that certain as to if I knew what I was doing or not and wish we had more practice with it before we turned in a project. I had difficulty time wise as I tried to do my project on my a cappella competition that was in Springfield this past weekend but I forgot batteries. There was limited places open, none of which had any batteries I needed so I was scrambling for ideas and events to attend. It resulted in me talking to one of my good friends as if she knew anyone who might have a cool story I could use for this project. I know what I shot probably wasn’t ideal fro this exact assignment, but I think for the most part I was able to capture what I wanted.

As far as technicalities go, I had fun using a single flash, but again wasn’t certain I was doing it correctly. I really liked the golden speckles I captured in the photo with the bus. I think I captured that pretty well. I don’t know what my grade will be on this assignment but I’m hoping that it keeps improving and that I can keep learning to use all these different types of equipment!



Metal and Glass

Nail polish has a long history dating all the way back to 3000 BC. It was originated in China and only silver and gold were used, but red was a favorite for royal families. It later became popular in Ancient Egypt and was used to differentiate class rankings. Nude colors were for the lower class and red was for the upper class.
Las Vegas is “a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around its 24-hour casinos. However, with more states legalizing gambling, Las Vegas has seen a significant decrease in their revenue. In 2016, 34.24 percent of their revenue was from gambling. That’s a 24.39 percent decrease from 1984. It’s becoming less of a popular correlation that’s associated with just Las Vegas.


Shauna Yates

February 7, 2018

Metal and Glass


Compared to our other assignments, this one has been the most challenging for me. I’m not sure if that’s because I was photographing an object and not a human, but it was difficult to find the right settings and set-up for this assignment. I had a vision in my head that I don’t feel like I captured very well either. I wanted to go for more of an advertisement type look, like essie nail polish does, but I couldn’t quite portray that like I envisioned. It would have been nice to have a little more guidance and I wish I asked for a little more help with this project, but in the end I think I did alright for what I was trying to do. Is there something that I can do better to make the light brighter on the object? No matter what I tried, the light was still dark on my object and when I took away the gobo or anything to cover the light, it was too blown out. I had a hard time finding the in-between.

If there is anything you think would help me for the next assignment, I love all the feedback I already get and would love to continue getting that!